Natural Lemonade chefstories


The old flavor our grandmothers offered, cool, sweet, but refreshing with the intense and clean flavor of lemon. It is produced in the traditional handmade way and contains lemon juice, sugar and water.

Offered with the addition of water or combined with carbonated water for more intense flavor as refreshment. A twig of spearmint or peppermint goes well too!

The natural chefstories lemonade is the ideal refreshment for many types of events such as:

 – Children’s parties: it’s healthy with no additives and no preservatives and of course the kids love it.

 – Seminars, business meetings: next to coffee or tea

– In events: next to the sweets and the wishes that follow a baptism or marriage, for kids and grown-ups

-As an alternative to coffee

– Bars: ingredient to a drink with white base (gin, vodka or rum), but also in an imaginative cocktail.