Experiential seminars “I am an ambassador of my place”, Halkidiki Chamber, February-March 2023, Organized by: Chef Stories.

We had the opportunity to organize a series of 4 experiential seminars titled “I am an Ambassador of My Place” in collaboration with the educational group “KEK Pythagoras,” as part of the TASTE HALKIDIKI program, on behalf of the Halkidiki Chamber. Professionals, members of the Chamber from all over Halkidiki and from different sectors such as hospitality, accommodation, production, and services participated in the seminars.

The thematic units that were developed included:

– I am an Ambassador of my Place.

– Gastronomy in Tourism.

– Visiting production areas.

– Communication and Promotion.

In a unique experiential journey, participants had the opportunity not only to learn but also to network, “create”, “play”, and discuss topics related to the needs of their own businesses. 

They also had the opportunity to participate in 2 masterclasses organized as part of the seminars, featuring characteristic products of Chalkidiki. All participants expressed their enthusiasm for participation and praised the high level of the seminars.