Gastronomic Events

Organizing Thematic Gastronomic Events

The team varies according to the needs of the event and the characteristics of the participants.

A group of selected partners, with high specialization and remarkable experience – marketing, communication and education consultants, agriculturists, certified olive oil, wine, coffee, beer connoisseurs, chefs, nutritionists and food technologists – guarantee a delightful and genuine trip to the world of Greek gastronomy.

The selected venues we collaborate with in order to have the perfect surrounding for our events, include cooking lessons studios & schools, restaurants cuisines and outdoor cooking spaces, production units (wineries, olive oil production, fish market, bakeries, pies production venues), fields, open spaces in the town and close to the sea.

The participants – the events’ target group could be: professionals from a specific business sector, consumers, company groups, business or pleasure foreign visitors, M.I.C.E. visitors

Our clients are: Exhibitions, Festivals, Producers, Organizations, Associations, Private bodies, Tourism Institutions and Agencies.


Our goals

The aim of the event is mainly to fulfill the clients’ needs, team building, education, entertainment, skills and knowledge development and, of course, introducing Greek gastronomy.

Our events, designed taking into account all aspects mentioned above combined with the global gastronomic trends, include:

• dinners for special presentation of Greek innovative and traditional products of local producers
• experimental discovery of the famous “Greek breakfast”, Ancient Greek cuisine and others
• special dinners in special locations
• team building games
• cooking lessons & competitions
• product tastings : Olive oil, olives, cheese, cured meat, coffee, spirits, wine, beer, cured fish & vegetables, herbs, honey and others
• creative pairing of the above and other products
• tailor made and branded unforgettable gift bags, of small but precious products from personally selected producers, meeting the guests’ profile and organizers needs.


Our services include:

• Events’ concept, Planning, Organizing & Implementing
• Venues’ proposal, Branding, Events and venues requirements
• Personnel Training
• Team of specialists
• Sponsorship
• Communication
• Collaboration with clients’ partners