Food stories – Gastronomic excursions

The tourist is now a traveler, the journey is an experience, and gastronomy plays a significant role. Chef Stories, a company with significant experience in consultancy and organizing gastronomy events, has developed a series of culinary activities for visitors. The main goal is entertainment, but also acquainting them with the present and past of Thessaloniki and its surrounding areas, through ingredients, people, customs and traditions.

The service includes the following options:

Thessaloniki FoodStories: Gastronomic Experiences: The opportunity for the visitor to feel like a local. Specially organized visits and activities that offer to the participants knowledge, unique experiences and opportunities for connection. . Depending on the season, options include participation in the production process, treasure hunts in local markets, cooking classes under special conditions, revival of gastronomic customs, special meals, pairing dinners, presentations of traditional and innovative products.

Thessaloniki FoodStories: Gastronomic Tour: The ideal opportunity for lovers of good food and exploration. Different routes filled with visits to food markets, tastings of local products, acquaintance with the city’s history through its gastronomy and its people, as well as a carefully planned authentic Greek meal, confirm the city’s unique gastronomic character.

ThessalonikiFoodStories: Gastronomic Τrip: Organizing small trips to nearby destinations, as well as throughout Northern Greece. Visits to production facilities such as wine, olive oil, olives, honey, herbs, meeting the people, their stories, and the production process, gastronomic games, and of course, meals in nature, are included in a tailor-made full-day or half-day tour.

All activities adhere to health and safety measures, and the equipment consists of environmentally friendly materials.