Thessaloniki Food Stories : Gastronomic Experiences

Thessaloniki Food Stories: gastronomic experiences

About the tour:


Exclusively custom made events providing the opportunity to the participants to feel like locals.

All activities are aiming to participants’ entertainment and team building.


English, Greek


Depends on the location


Selected spots in the city or the surroundings, that offer something unique (view, natural environment, atmosphere, infrastructions etc,) and cover the needs of the event and the individual goals of the activity 


Harvesting, shopping ingredients in local markets, cooking lessons under extraordinary conditions, food customs revival, group based bonding games, lunch or dinner with Greek producers and presentation of their innovative or traditional products, product tasting and creative food pairing  are some indicative activities

Lunch or dinner :

As a group we will enjoy a meal prepared by the participants, as part of the experimental experience


We make every effort to make the events accessible to everybody

We think green:

It is our goal to act environmentally responsible


Accompanied children 14+ are welcome

Useful notice:

Comfortable travel clothes and suitable for walking shoes

Special notice:

In case of special dietary needs (allergies etc.), please inform the tour guide before the tour.


4 – 6 hours


Min 6 persons, max 25 persons.


Please contact us for an offer