Thessaloniki Food Stories : gastronomic tour

Thessaloniki Food Stories: gastronomic tour

About the tour:


Thessaloniki, since its foundation in 315 BC., has always been a cosmopolitan center, a crossroad of people and cultures. So is her gastronomy, a mixture of the traditions of Christian, Muslim, Armenian and Jewish populations, that coexisted in the city, with the gastronomy of the Greek refugees from Asia Minor, who arrived in the city in the early 20th century.

The city is located in the center of the fertile Macedonian flatland, with a very busy harbor. Subsequently, it’s market has always been full of fresh local agricultural and livestock products, as well as exotic food raw materials.

The tour is the perfect experience for those who love food & drinks and want to get familiar with the city’s past and present through the flavors and tastes that give Thessaloniki its unique gastronomic character.


English, Greek
Other languages available upon request


Walking tour
The total distance is about 5 km and includes five (5) to six (6) stops


Selected spots in the historical, traditional & modern commercial center of Thessaloniki.


Five (5) to six (6) stops for coffee and local street food, traditional handmade pies, Greek cheese and cured meats, olives and extra virgin olive oil tastings, sweets & traditional delicacies.

Lunch / dinner :

As a group we will enjoy lunch in a taverna, where we will eat like locals several meze, traditional Greek dishes paired with local retsina, ouzo, tsipouro and wines


The tour is accessible for people with limited mobility

We think green:

During the tour we use eco friendly personal single use cutlery and packaging


Accompanied children 12+ are welcome

Useful notice:

Suitable for walking shoes, rain coat and/or umbrella during rainy days.
In case of extremely bad weather the tour is cancelled

Special notice:

In case of special dietary needs (allergies etc.), please inform us before the tour.


Shopping of Greek gastronomic delicacies is possible, however, costs are not included.
During the tour, stores of special interest will be mentioned for personal information.


Approximately 4 hours

Days :

The tour is available from Monday to Saturday, except of official Greek holidays


Min 6 persons, max 15 persons.


Please contact us for a tailor – made offer.