Detrop-Oenos 2023, Detrop Bites & The Pairing Bar, February 2023, Organized by: Chef Stories.

                                                                                                              20 events – 1,000+ visitors – 80+ producers

The three-day exhibitions Detrop–Oenos 2023 were successfully concluded, with a longstanding tradition and value in the food and beverage industry, featuring numerous significant participations of domestic and foreign producers who had the opportunity to showcase their products and expand their business activities in the Greek and international markets. This year’s Detrop-Oenos 2023 were the first “Just Go Zero” exhibitions, and the booths were equipped with special waste sorting bins in an effort for optimal material recovery and recycling, in which both exhibitors and visitors participated.


As part of Detrop-Oenos 2023, the parallel gastronomy events Detrop Bites & The Pairing Bar were organized for the 7th consecutive year, in collaboration with HELEXPO and the specialized event organization company in gastronomy, Chef Stories. 

The aim of the parallel gastronomy events was to highlight the uniqueness and characteristics of the products of the exhibitor-producers who participated in the exhibition event through special preparations. 

In the specially designed gastronomy area of Booth 13 in the dining area of “Detrop Bites”, visitors, many of whom were hosted buyers from various parts of the world, had the opportunity to taste 14 different dishes and watch the presentation of the products by the people of Chef Stories, as well as the producers themselves.


As part of the targeted tribute to the Golden Olive Expo, visitors also had the opportunity to taste olive oil from different regions of Greece, as well as olives. 

Through the masterclasses, in addition to the dynamics, variety, and quality of Greek products, the following were presented:

·         the value of locality and tradition

·         innovation and inspiration

·         the ideal pairing

·         unique superfoods

·         free from products


Similarly, in the Oenos area, at Booth 8, a stylish and functional wine tasting area “The Pairing Bar” was created, where different wine labels, spirits, and beer were presented with the appropriate combination of products from exhibitors, such as dairy products, cold cuts, pastes and olives, pickles – mushrooms, vinegar & creams, deli products, dried fruits, chocolate, and pastries.

The success of the events was contributed by Chef Giorgos Psyllos, a consistent collaborator of Chef Stories, who utilized the products of the producers in the best possible way, as well as the eager and tireless students of the Tourism Vocational Training Institute of Macedonia of the Ministry of Tourism, from the Cooking and Tourism Business Departments, who helped in the kitchen, as well as in the reception and service of the visitors. 

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