Eurice Seminars 2023, Organized By: Chef Stories

Within the actions of the EURICE Sustainable Rice program, which our company has the joy and honor to organize, we systematically conduct seminars in public and private Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) for cooking and pastry students in many cities throughout Greece.


The welcoming from the school administrations, the teachers, as well as the students, is touching and indicative of the importance of these seminars to an audience that will partially shape tomorrow’s gastronomy. In these seminars, we inform them about our Greek medium-grain rice, which is cultivated literally next to us, in the area of Chalastra, and beyond being a product with high nutritional value and unique flavor, it is an important component of the local economy and ecological balance of the regions where it is cultivated.

In addition to schools, we also conduct gastronomic seminars in many other cities in Greece, apart from the major urban centers, in restaurants where the chef ambassador of the program, Dina Nikolaou, as well as other chefs, cook recipes with rice. Our invited guests, restaurant entrepreneurs, chefs, journalists, taste the wonderful dishes and learn about sustainable rice cultivation in our country.

The EURICE program is implemented by the Agricultural Cooperative Partnership of Thessaloniki S.A. (EAΣΘ) and the Consejo Regulador de la DOP Arroz de Valencia (Regulatory Authority of Valencia Rice PDO).

The executive body of the program is Novacert, the largest consulting company specializing in the agricultural and food sectors, which has entrusted us with the organization of events in Greece, and we warmly thank them for this.

For more information about our unique Greek, European, medium-grain rice, you can find it here: