Hotelia 2022, All about Gastronomy, My Local Greek Choice, November 2022, Organized by: Chef Stories


                                                                                                  8 events – 11 awarded producers – 400+ visitors

 For yet another year, Chef Stories company organized the gastronomy events titled “My Local Greek Choice” as part of the Hotelia 2022 exhibition, which ran parallel to the 37th Philoxenia, in Thessaloniki, November 18-20, 2022, in collaboration with the management of TIF HELEXPO and the staff of Hotelia.

During the exhibition, the parallel gastronomy events All About Gastronomy were presented with great success, dedicated to the dynamics of Greek products that incorporate the values of tradition, authenticity, quality, taste, and are of great value for Greek hospitality. This year’s theme “My Local Greek Choice” was presented in 8 events and 400 visitors, through 16 dishes by Chef Giorgos Psyllos and his team, with exceptional products from 11 awarded producers in a unique dining area.


The global trends of gastronomy were presented, strengthened during the pandemic period, such as the interest in high-nutritional-value foods contributing to good health, with local identity, transparency in production methods applying sustainability rules, but also simultaneously meeting special dietary needs. 

The producers and sponsors, who once again contributed to this organization and have incorporated all these trends, were:

Athenian Brewery, Nymfi beer & IOLI water

Apostolos Papadopoulos Meat Company, Delicatessen

Verroiotis, Traditional yogurt

Despo – Siambanopoulos, Tulum cheese, yogurt

EvLOGIMENO, fasting products

Georgakas Honey, Honey & honey cream

Mikros Kalliergitis, Baby greens & microgreens & edible flowers

Ta Kala Vouna, White buffalo cheese

Agrotopos, Rice, lentils, quinoa with pasta

Biscotti Tsoungari, Pastry products

Domaine Agrovision, Wine

Gaia Olives, Whole, pitted and stuffed olives

Galaxy, Balsamic cream, lemon cream, mild mustard

Nature Blessed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sknipa Brewery, Beer

Trofeas, Vegan noodles with cheese, spinach & wholemeal with cheese

Costos, Buffet equipment

Bomboneria Farfallina decorative items and decorations

SKG eco shop, Serving equipment

Papakyriazis, Bakery, Pastry, Catering Equipment


Students from the Cooking and Hotel Departments of the IEK DELTA 360⁰ Schools in Thessaloniki contributed to the successful and youthful conduct of the events.

A special tribute was paid to Cretan gastronomy with authentic products in one of the presentations, as the honored Municipality of the 37th Philoxenia was Heraklion, Crete. Another interesting touch was the cooking of potato velouté soup with wild mushroom broth and smoked village sausage from Drama, by the charismatic Chef Jonathan Hartnett, an action of the Union of Hoteliers of Drama.